Advantages of Renting a Breast Pump

There is great convenience and efficiency in using a breast pump but many mothers tend to think this is an expense that they can’t afford. But there are hospital grade breast pumps that you can rent for a lower price allowing you more options.

Many working mothers find it easy to use a breast pump. This allows them to pump and have the milk available for the baby. It can be given by a caregiver while the mother is away. And even if you are working from home, there may be instances where you can’t breastfeed such as being in a meeting or presenting something. In this case, it is good to have some milk ready so your baby doesn’t fuss or get hungry.

Even for stay at home mothers, it is good to have some milk kept for emergencies if they need to be away from the baby for a couple of hours. And with a hospital grade breast pump hire you can express milk out of breasts in a shorter time. There is higher efficiency for breast pumps especially those that are hospital grade. Personal use pumps are not all built the same and may not have the same efficiency.        

You can also look into online reviews and communities to see how other mums respond to different types of breast pumps. There are manual and electric breast pumps with the latter being more expensive. Sometimes you may not be able to purchase an electric breast pump that is at a higher price point. But it will deficiently be more efficient at expressing milk compared to manual ones or breast pumps that are in your price range. In this case, it is best to select the renting option. Your life will definitely be easier and you will not need to cut into your budget too much to be able to have it. Certain breast pumps are more comfortable to use and they are gentler in their operation. So this allows you to use the pump more regularly.

Emptying the breast completely can be useful in certain situations. Sometimes after the baby has nursed and there is still milk left in the breasts, the mother can pump the remaining milk out and save it. And with a good quality breast pump, you will be able to do this faster so you can enjoy a little bit more sleeping time. The extra milk can be given to the baby when the mother is asleep or if the baby is with another caregiver. And it will be easier for the mother to keep up with the milk supply when the breasts have been emptied completely.

It is recommended that mothers breastfeed for about a year. This will also save money on formula. If you are a working mother who is not using a pump, you will need to spend a lot of money on formula in addition to other baby related expenses. But with a breast pump, you can save money as well as provide your baby with breast milk that they need to develop properly.