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How to Create Custom Packaging for Your Product

Packaging is a very important part of curating a product. You need to elevate the product and instantly give an idea to the customer regarding the product by the way you package it. Packaging is very important when you are a new brand as this is one of the things that helps convince the customer to purchase it. If the packaging is too ordinary, then it will blend into the rest of the options on the market.

Even if you have a truly great product, it will only be seen when you have attractive packaging. This is what familiarises your brand with the customer. But you have to find affordable custom packaging as well. You have to think about the budget that can be allocated to packaging and branding. You don’t need to be limited to a brown cardboard box when packing your product. There are so many different options for packaging and various companies that offer custom packaging solutions. You can check with several of them to see who offers the best value. Before you select a company for packaging, there is a lot of research that has to be done. You need to have a good idea of what the brand is and what you are hoping to achieve with it in the future. You need to have your own edge in the market to stand out against the competition. Chances are, there will be many other companies that have similar products and what’s to stop a customer from selecting one of them? First impressions count and that’s where packaging comes in.

When you provide customised packaging, you are giving your product its own unique standing. You have to conduct research on what competitors are doing; check what their branding and packaging is like and the audience they are catering the product to. Think of your own audience and see if you can improve the packaging in order for it to stand out. Think about how the product will look on a supermarket shelf and how a customer who has no idea of your brand will view it. Attractive packaging will always catch their eye and allow you to create a distinct presence. You have to maintain consistency in your brand when creating custom packaging. You have to make sure that the customer has a unique experience when they pick up the product. This will depend on the type of packaging you have. There are different sizes, shapes, materials and colours that you can play with.

If you have a sustainable concept within your company, you can reflect that in the packaging as well to give a stronger branding voice. You have to think about the functionality of the packaging also. Can it be reused or can it be recycled easily? Creating reusable packaging is a great way of keeping your branding alive for longer. The customer will see the packaging and brand frequently which will subconsciously make them familiar with the brand. And the next time they are looking for the same product, they will be prone to pick what is familiar to them.