Customizing Refrigerated Containers for Event Success

You need to have careful planning when you are hosting an event. One aspect you have to consider when hosting an event is catering. You need to maintain freshness of the food and beverages and a critical aspect that affects this is temperature control. In this article, we will look into refrigerated containers and how these can ensure the freshness of perishable items.

You have to understand

The specific requirements of the event such as the duration of the event, types of perishable items to be spaces and the number of attendees. You can then get an idea of the capacity, size and other features of the refrigerated container. You can search suppliers that provide refrigerated containers for events to understand the sizes and capacities available. If you have a smaller event or if there is limited space at the venue, you can look into a compact refrigerated container. But when it comes to larger events, you may need larger units or multiple refrigerated containers. You have to consider the volume of food and beverages to be stored. In addition to this, there can be flowers and temporary sensitive products. Once you have a good idea of what exactly goes in the container, you can choose the right size and quantity.

Temperature control is very important to maintain

The freshness of perishable items throughout the duration of the event and you have to check whether the container comes with accurate temperature control systems. Check whether these have adjustable settings to meet the temperature requirements of the items you have in mind. Some of the features you can look for are proper insulation, digital thermostats and reliable temperature monitoring systems. To ensure accessibility and to maximise space, you need to have efficient storage solutions within the refrigerated containers. You can customise the interior layout of the container so that shelves, compartments and racks can be included to allow easy organisation of perishable items. You also need to have storage solutions such as trays, dividers and wire baskets so that you can easily separate items and categorise them depending on usage, size and type. This will make it very convenient for event staff to locate items and retrieve them even in during the busiest times.

Mobility and accessibility of the refrigerated containers should be considered as well

This will depend on the venue and its layout. There are contains that come with built-in wheels so that you can easily transport them and position them. Other accessibility features to look for are access doors and ramps so that you can easily load and unload perishable items. In addition to being functional storage units, you need to look at refrigerated containers as a branding opportunity. This will enhance the aesthetics at the event as well. The exterior of the container can be customised with branding elements such as graphics, logos and signage. This can help promote vendors, sponsors or themes. You can also incorporate lighting effects, wraps and decals so that the container complements with the overall event design.