Digital Marketing Guide

Why Use WordPress for Your Website

WordPress was initially used for blogging but it has now become a building tool for websites. And the beauty of WordPress is that it is very easy to use and offers a lot of versatility. Currently, there is a large percentage of websites that are powered by WordPress.

There are many popular brands using WordPress Melbourne because of the features they offer and the ease of design. Many start-up businesses also use this as WordPress is free software. You can simply download and install it to your computer and proceed to use it as you wish. There is no limit to the type of website you can create from WordPress. You will need to have a domain name along with web hosting to install WordPress software. If you don’t have much experience with website design, you can always use a website design agency to carry it out. You can discuss with them about hosting providers that are best for your situation. You can check if the website design agency is adept at designing with WordPress. But if you are a beginner to it and you want to try your hand at it, there are many instructional tutorials online to begin with.

A big part of why WordPress is preferred by many people is convenience. It is very easy to use even if you are a beginner. There is a simple layout that has menu options and a dashboard that can be navigated by anybody. It will not be difficult to create pages and posts with the options given. You and customize the website design according to your preferences. There are very few technical issues you will run into and even if you do, there are guides, tutorials etc. that will help you navigate. And there are many updates you can install along with plugins and themes. There are many free WordPress backup plugins where you can create automatic backups. You can choose a remote location such as a Google Drive or Dropbox for the backup. There are WordPressplugins that can be used to add analytics, contact forms and other features to your website. There are so many plugins available and many of them are free. These plugins can be used to transform the website into a new platform. The analytics plugin gives you an idea of how many visitors are coming to the site and you can increase traffic from Google by selecting a search engine optimization plugin.

One of the challenges with designing a website is securing it. And WordPress has made this easier by providing WordPress security best practices. Even if you don’t have a website designing background, you will still be able to navigate WordPress easily. There are so many different WordPress themes available that it is incredibly easy to customize your website. You can use this theme for an online store, blog, etc. These themes can be customized as they come with a variety of options. You can easily change backgrounds, logos, colour themes, effects etc. without writing any code. You can search for WordPress themes that are recommended for beginners. Many themes come with a number of readymade templates that can be customized in any way you prefer.